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Ready for more?

Kreia Tries to Manipulate Brianna
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YouTube Video

This was one of those times I used TK102’s KSE to quickly make it so Visas has more influence than Brianna just to record this scene. There are some shots you will notice that Brianna is carrying a double-bladed lightsaber. Now, here come the reactions.

Run that by me again:

"Is this just a Dark side vid or a mod?"
Horny teenage boy talking out of the blue:

"I find Brianna more attractive than Visas."
Getting confused is common with TSL:

"i hate the dark side too. one time i was on the dark side so i figured out that you can make brianna a jedi. so i finally talk to her for the 3rd time. she says i dont want to talk to you again sith"

Again, that really confusing influence system:

"ive played this game loads of times but never seen this far in the game is it?"

"What trigers these cuts? DS is one and Male is another but what do you have to chose with Visas to Make Briana so jelous? etc."

"do u need lots of influence? or just a little"

"i had that happen and i cant get her to stop saying "there is nothing to discuss, leave me be" what do you have to do to get her to trust you again?"
Some people really can’t stand really deep characters like Kreia:

"God I hate that old witch"

"Kreias a [w]itch"

"i hate kreia"


"KREIA [freaking] SUCKS"

"kreia is an even bigger [w]itch than atris ahah"

Brianna Gives in to Kreia
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YouTube Video

As many of you know when playing with the influence system and the different types of cut scenes that result from it, when you have more influence with Visas than Brianna, there are two cut scenes and here is the second.

Now here comes the all confusing influence system issue:

"Do you get this if you have more influence with Visas?"

" do you get this conversations dude??"

"how do u get all this extra drama to happen?"

"brianna wont speak to me"

"so how do you get handmaiden to talk to you again? after i got this cutscene she started ignoring me"

"this happens only when you're on the dark side, right? At least, that's what happens to me."

"The Handmaiden wont talk to me instead she says 'there is nothing to talk about, leave me alone'"

"how do you find out things lik this?"
It’s sad how some people are just naturally prejudice:

"i cant see why people like visas shes got not eyes for god sake."
Run that by me again:

"[Kreia is] like master yoda [she's] 4000 years old"

"which game is this??"

The Kreia hate wasn’t expressed as much in this video as the last one:

"dude krea [ticked] me off so much, im glad i got to kill her in the end lol"
Atton Plays Pazaak with T3-M4 (Part 1)
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YouTube Video

This is one of those scenes you only get by playing with the globals in KSE. I thought why did it to set off these cut scenes and see the reactions:

"I never saw this scene in my Xbox version of KOTOR II"

"Yeah, whats up with this? I keep seein clips on here that aint in the xbox version. That aint fair, why the hell aint they in it?!?!"

"Goddamn xbox version, all these mods or the pc version aint fair. Cant get any of 'em on the xbox"

"How do you get this conversation..."

"lol never seen this cutscene and i completed game. mod or soemthing?"

Someone is dreaming about fantasy a little much:

"I want a T3 unit so badly after playing TSL."

I guess it doesn’t occur that the Exile has just boarded the ship:

"wait whos stearin the ship!"
Atton Plays Pazaak with T3-M4 (Part 2)
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YouTube Video

Here come the reactions with the second one:

"did you have high influence on both of them to get it ive never seen it before"

"I never saw part 1 or 2 of this scene ever in my Xbox version of KOTOR II"

"why the hell do i keep seeing vids of stuff on kotor i've never done Before!!!"

"how do u unlock that clip?"

"how do you get this to happen?"

Somebody lost respect for Atton:

"How could Atton lose to a DROID!!!! from this day forth I'll think differently about Atton."
I guess some chicks dig Atton’s jacket:

"Don't bash Atton's jacket. You know its so hot."
I love crazy theories:

"I believe T3-M4 becomes R2-D2 3996 years after KOTOR 2, I also believe the Ebon Hawk becomes The Millenium Falcon (lots of years after KOTOR 2)."
Atton and Brianna Clash
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YouTube Video

Another horny teen male strikes again:

"brianna second only to bastila. Man they are hot."
Run that by me again:

"All of these Handmaidens just look like the same person. Except Atris."

"do u know what m478 is. is it something for kotor 2 on the pc."
I have enjoyed reading each of your reactions so far. Keep it up!

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