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Originally Posted by Vallix View Post
I'm having a slight issue. For some reason my save is acting as if I've never originally did BoS, and Matilda(I think thats her name) is acting as if she's Bastila. She had a conversation with another character as Bastila when I exited the ship.

Is having a save AFTER I've completed BoS causing the problem, and do I need to replay the entire BoS, do all the flashback memories, then leave/exit the ship?

edit: My save is right after doing all the flashback memories and standing in front of Matilda by the way.
If you are loading from a save after you have completed the original Brotherhood of Shadow with an intention to jump straight into the new content, it will cause problems. You need to start from the "Favour for a Rodian" quest.

Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
he clothing thing I have not found any other bugs however I am stuck on
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That's not a bug, it's a puzzle. :P

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