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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
...planets weren't wiped out during the movies era?

During the Clone Wars, we've got the Destruction of Pammant, where a Republic Star Battlecruiser crashed into a planet and killed off the entire population. Then there's the Battle of Kromus, where the destruction of a Confederate superweapon there caused the depopulation of the planet. We've also got the Battle of Humbarine, where Confederate forces led by General Grievous spent one hour bombarding the planet in an attack that melted the planet's crust. Did I mention that Humbarine is a city-planet like Coruscant?

During the Imperial Period, a planet called Caamas was devastated by Imperial bombardment. Later, Callos was attacked by Imperial forces, and its own population wiped out. After its construction was finished, the first Death Star blew up Despayre, a moon full of Imperial prisoners and slaves. I don't think I need to mention the Alderaan incident. After the Battle of Endor, the insane Dark Jedi Kyp Durron used an Imperial superweapon to annihilate all life in the Carida system. During Operation Shadow Hand later on, the Empire's Galaxy Gun destroyed at least two planets, Da Soocha V and Byss.

...Palpatine didn't drive the Jedi to near extinction? Ever hear of Order 66 or the Great Jedi Purge?
Wow so many deaths.............o_O
but now that you're saying I remember something(not order 66)

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