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However, what the public fails to grasp is that the claims neither constitute support for alarm nor establish man's responsibility for the small amount of warming that has occurred. In fact, those who make the most outlandish claims of alarm are actually demonstrating skepticism of the very science they say supports them. It isn't just that the alarmists are trumpeting model results that we know must be wrong. It is that they are trumpeting catastrophes that couldn't happen even if the models were right as justifying costly policies to try to prevent global warming.
Nothing in this quote shoots down anything of what I've said. The most outlandish claims are bizarre, and can't happen. Things such as Al Gore's nightmare scenario in which all ice on Greenland melts (real science tells us this may happen in... 3000 years). Things like all life on Earth dying out as all the methane trapped in oceans escapes.

This says nothing, however, about increased hurricane strenghts, more frequent landslides, killer heat waves like the 2005 specimen that killed 3000 in France, melting permafrost toppling forests and damaging houses, and other real scenarios that are already unfolding around us.

Also, it certainly says absolutely nothing about whether AGW is real or manmade.

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