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Hey GeorgNihilus, thanks for doing my job and answering people while I was away. I appreciate it!
To all the people who have problems, I'm back home now so I'll get right to work on fixing all my silly mistakes and reupload it.
@ GlowingFauxPas - PM me and I'll get you some non-Emperor portraits, and thanks for the suggestions.

Edit: Hey, to someone who is having issues with the DS transitions:
If the renaming of the files worked please let me know. I need to know if I need to change something in the TSLPatcher as well or if it was just my typos on the file names.
Again, sorry for the inconvenience, but I don't have time to run through a DS campaign right now to check. I'm really hoping that all I have to do is change some file names! It's been so long since I've used TSLPatcher, I don't even know if I remember the little I used to know!

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