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Originally Posted by Tommycat
Yeah, this says nothing about AGW
Strawman. Of course it says something about AGW. It does not, however, state AGW is false.

Originally Posted by Lind
nor establish man's responsibility for the small amount of warming that has occurred.
He's playing with words here. AGW is not a black-and-white issue - either we're 100% responsible, nor 100% innocent. Global temperatures have always fluctuated, but humans are contributing to this process with our Co2 emissions.

As an aside, though, don't make the common mistake of taking the "natural" label too seriously here. Way too many people today have this idea that whatever is "natural" (as opposed to chemical, non-organic, synthetic, or anthropogenic) is automatically good. Couldn't be farther from the truth. Cancer is healthy. A natural crude oil deposit rupturing, spilling its contents and killing thousands of sea birds is a natural event, as is an asteroid impact wiping out NYC. Just that something is "natural", or "has happened before", doesn't mean it's harmless. No one would look at a volcano about to erupt and go "oh, but volcanoes have always been erupting, it's a natural part of life, who cares if our city is destroyed, we're humans, we have the ability to adapt".

If you want, I can find a meteorologist's take on the increased hurricane strengths...How about a HURRICANE EXPERT!
What about him? You tell me why I should trust the tiny minority of scientists opposing AGW over the vast majority that does. The arguments about 'more and more scientists speaking out against dogma' conspiracy theory didn't do it when Creationists used it, nor does it pack any weight now.

Gray isn’t shy about events leading up to his memo last year. He says he “went out strong” against scientists who have linked increased hurricane activity to global warming, “and they came back and raised hell about me.” He blasted the scientific establishment, including Nature, for succumbing to dogma and went on to suggest that former Vice President Al Gore is “brainwashing our kids.”
Again, this sounds no different than Creationists bashing biologists for being 'dogmatic' about evolution.

Politicians and media professionals can be dogmatic. Scientists, almost by their very definition, aren't.

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