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Just so you understand(without dragging this too far off topic) I think of homosexuality in the same sense as a mutation.
Let's list some other mutations, shall we?
  • Icelanders' immunity to winter depression.
  • Europeans' lack of skin pigmentation.
  • The immunity to HIV/AIDS in .1% of all Europeans
  • The slanted eyes of Asians.
  • The difference in average height between Swedes and the Chinese.

A 'mutation' is a change in the DNA structure of an organism. This happens with every single new generation, and without it we'd never have evolved into humans. Surely you don't also view the above listed characteristics as negative, too? All of them are caused by mutations.

While it occurs regularly, it is abnormal.
Abnormal in which way? 'Abnormal' means 'not part of the norm'. Homosexuality is present in over 400 animal species and can't be called abnormal any more than left-handedness.

See also this .

Hence the abomination. BUT as with other mutations that occur, it is not your choice. There is no cure. There is no point in trying to "convert" you. In essence it is in my eyes no different than Cerebal Palsy. You're just wired different.
Cerebral palsy is abominable? Why? Does it offend God? Surely you jest.

And the acts, quite frankly, are what I find disgusting. But then as a smoker(though trying to quit) I can't hate someone for doing what I find disgusting. I eat Sushi. Many people find that disgusting. There are a thousand things I may do that others find disgusting.

So... to sum up:
Icky is not a good reason to discriminate.
Abnormal is not a reason to discriminate.

Just because I don't like something is no good reason to treat that person any differently.
Good man.

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