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Great mod Silver! I am still playing after 7+hours, and now only am approaching the end.

However, there are a few bugs, probialy user error on my end, vista, or both, but here they are.

In the game, it crashes every few module loads, outside and inside of BOS, I have a clean game, clean override, and never had this problem before, still, the bug is easily overcome by loading the module or autosave that crashed and playing it once I restart the game.

Now this may be because I took your BOS_Save and used KSE to change the character from a female to a male, and changed the alignment. That is all i did, however I don't see how that would cause BOS to crash, but it is my only deduction."

Show spoiler

After all of this I'm going to do a lightside playthough and enjoy the other side of BOS Solomon's Revenge!

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