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Originally Posted by Gregthegen View Post
Great mod Silver! I am still playing after 7+hours, and now only am approaching the end.

However, there are a few bugs, probialy user error on my end, vista, or both, but here they are.

In the game, it crashes every few module loads, outside and inside of BOS, I have a clean game, clean override, and never had this problem before, still, the bug is easily overcome by loading the module or autosave that crashed and playing it once I restart the game.

Now this may be because I took your BOS_Save and used KSE to change the character from a female to a male, and changed the alignment. That is all i did, however I don't see how that would cause BOS to crash, but it is my only deduction."

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The issue you're having with modules crashing has to be a vista issue.

Also, if I understand you correctly, you downloaded and installed BoS:SR, then you downloaded and installed the original BoS on top of that?

Originally Posted by DarthDac View Post
I found a bug which has occured because of my stupidity(I think)
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Originally Posted by Keeper_DP View Post
Iīve a bug. My appearance changes alone to that form: It happened too before, when I
fougth againts the other Revan at the Artefact
. But that doesnīt happend me with the original BOS.

I donīt like one new thing,Iīve to play with a blue lghtsaber when you play Revanīs past. (that donīt happens on the original BoS). You could give to the inventory at least a red lightsaber.

Because at the raeally, Revan on the scenes (when fight agains Bastila on the story) he had a red lightsaber.

Iīlike a lot the scene when Matilda heard the voices and remembers on the Ebown Hawk, it reminds me a lot Metal Gear Solid 4 on Shadow Moses xD
Your appearance bugs sound like an appearance.2DA issue. Have you installed any other mods since installing BoS:SR? And which installation method did you use?

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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Uh, I extracted the empty folders too. Actually I just remembered that the original error message I got was that it couldn't make a back up of ship.mod, even though it did.

Um...but I installed the Robes for Korriban Sith Students after I overwrote the current appearance.2da with the one from the manual install. And Robes for Korriban Sith Students is patcher based....

If everything was extracted from the .rar file then there's no reason TSLPatcher should fail during installation. Are you using Vista?

And I've checked out the Robes for Korriban Sith Students mod, and there's no reason that I can see why it shouldn't work if you install it on top of BoS:SR regardless of whichever method of installation you used. There are no file conflictions or anything.

Originally Posted by Chevron 7 locke View Post
Hey Silveredge, I found another big glitch.

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Have you tried replaying the section to see if the bug happens everytime?

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