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Originally Posted by DarthJacen View Post
So I ask you, fellow Lucasforum members, why do we prefer the comic book style dark side transitions over the movie style ones? My answer is because we like to see that a person is evil. It makes it easier to kill a person that looks ugly and deformed than to realize that his actions alone make him evil. Do you agree with my logic? Or do you think I am completely insane? Or both?
Personally I don't really like to see a person "evil" I mean ugly. And now that you're saying there are a lot more Sith who looked normal like Assajj Ventress(alright I know she's not a 100% sith), Desann, Tavion, Uthar, Yuthura(they had only tattoes like Maul) and don't forget Revan Wow that was a random collection of Sith.

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