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A little bird sent me this.

Dr. Richard S. Lindzen ( b. February 8, 1940) is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1]

He is one of the leading global warming skeptics and is a member of the Science, Health, and Economic Advisory Council, of the Annapolis Center[1], a Maryland-based think tank which has been funded by corporations including ExxonMobil.[2] Writing in the Washington Post, Joel Achenbach wrote that "of all the skeptics, MIT's Richard Lindzen probably has the most credibility among mainstream scientists, who acknowledge that he's doing serious research on the subject."[3]
ExxonMobil dirty name has popped up quite often in discussions on AGW science distortion lately, hasn't it?

And if scientists can be "bought" by one side, do you really believe the other side doesn't do the same?
I don't believe that just because one side does something, the other side must necessarily do it, too, no.

Lindzen's point is that whether AGW is real or not, there's been no proof that it has caused any of the harm ascribed to it.
Which is flat-out nonsense with no scientific backing. It's akin to saying natural selection has no influence on evolution.

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