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DE funny how you mention creationist arguments.. AGW alarmists have been doing the same thing. They begin with the premise "Global warming is real and man made" They take selected temperatures from around the globe and use them to point out how the Earth is getting warmer. They alter their programs to produce the desired results. And quite frankly much of their data is hidden. In some cases it is fraudulent. A recent example that comes to mind was when they were calling last October the hottest on record. They used Siberian temperatures as the example. There's a problem though.. Siberian October temps were copied over from two months prior.

Rapidly rising sea level is another one that bugs me...

20 feet by the end of the century. as Gore would have us believe. IMPOSSIBLE says I. ONE foot per century is closer to facts.

Then of course there's the rather inconvenient fact that when the world was at it's height of CO2 production temperatures got cooler(WWII)

And of course you are doing exactly what he said. Calling a doctorate in the field an industry stooge. Good job showing why fewer are willing to risk their reputation and come out against AGW.

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