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Silver-"Also, if I understand you correctly, you downloaded and installed BoS:SR, then you downloaded and installed the original BoS on top of that?"

No, I meant I installed Kotor Again and then BOS:SR again, in that order. To keep myself from ever making any mistakes of that sort, I deleted the origional BOS RAR file off of my harddrive as soon as I got BOS:SR.

By the way, I completed the mod on darkside, and enjoyed it thoroughly,

Show spoiler

"Hey look, I'm a sith! (Pushes a little kid to the ground).-Jess."

"No you're not, that wasn't even star-wars related, that was just mean."-Greg

"yes it was, I used force push, the force of my hand pushing against his back."-Jess

You can't electrocute anyone. -Greg.

"Yes I can"-Jess (Grabbing a taser out of her purse.)
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