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"Age does not entirely matter. I became a Jonin when I was 17 years of age, like many average shinobi. But some of the best students I've known have achieved the rank at just 15."

Takeda nodded his head and said no more. As he drew nearer to where the Hokage was, Takeda stopped.

"I will wait for you out here, if that is alright with you."

Specter reluctantly followed the two chunin into the ramen shop. They began to discuss what had happened to them.

"The next time we see Gatoa, I think we can safetly assume he'll have sealed that thing in someone. He's going to want people to fear him, so he'll probably go after one of the smaller villages first."

Specter felt the familiar pain of those tortured souls.

"You will defend those small villages, will you not? They will need all the help they can get."
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