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Originally Posted by Camo-Man 07 View Post
I have unlocked his dialog. But in my opinion the thinking behind his story needed help. It just didn't seem to fit right to me.
G0-T0 was the missing droid intelligence slated for Telos restoration project, he was actually doing his job since he came to the conclusion that Telos would just happen again and again so to perform his task as he saw it he left Telos to heal the whole of the galaxy it requires stability, either Sith or Jedi but one or the other needed to exist to help provide that stability. He does what he does because he wants to see the galaxy stable and functioning, he is in all actuality more of a good guy, just he is a droid and thusly his logic allows 'evils' to happen as he sees it as a function of life.

G0-T0 has many facets, just unlocking them all is a somewhat tedious process, even with a cheat. And I can see where you say his story doesn't fit, but the pieces are there, they are just the hardest to get to.

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