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"You can pay me back shortly."

Hmmmm...this may pose a problem. Ah well, For now it's free!

Karela unwrapped her chopsticks and began to eat this bowl much more slowly.

"From what we recorded, their are nine species of Bijuu in the world - their population being extremely minimal to the point where they are a very rare sight. The tenth-tailed Bijuu is probably the only one of its kind, and has been hidden from the world all this time."

"If there are more then one of each Bijuu, do you think it's possible that the Arashi have been gathering them as well? It's possible they managed to gather the rest of them, but they needed us because the Ogawa temple was too well defended."

Maybe Kaneda could answer the one question thats been bugging me for a looooong time.

"Kaneda...I need to ask you something...What is wrong with that crazy sensai of ours?! He can read our minds...and we know nearly nothing about him!"

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