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Let’s continue on with another update.

Once I get a chance to go through all my videos, I do want update you with comments that come in recently that are out of this world which is what I’m going to do with this small update to:

Canderous Reveals Information About Revan
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YouTube Video

This is the part I don’t understand. I would get asked where the other clans are besides the ones on Dantooine and Nar Shaddaa all the time so I decided to put up annotations that flash in front of your face while watching the video.

Here is what you see when the video plays and I list what times the annotations pop up:

[From 0:05-0:12] You don't actually have to gather the clans for Canderous, just get very high influence with him and he'll tell you this information!

[From 0:17-0:27] Why is it so hard for people to understand my last annotation? You don't need to gather clans to get this conversation - just get high influence!

[From 0:32-0:39] The only clans you can gather are just the ones on Dantooine and Nar Shaddaa - Do I make myself clear?

[From 0:44-0:54] AGAIN! Just get high influence with Canderous/Mandalore to get this conversation - How can I make myself any clearer than this? Seriously people!
Yet, people still continue to ask. These messages are so obvious that if they were snakes, they would have bitten them.

Anyway, here is what I got less than an hour ago:

"wat other planets do u find the clans at besides Nar Shaadda, & Dantooine"
There is only so much you can do for some people. I don’t know what else to do to get the message across so they don’t need to ask. Part of me laughs at this and other parts of me fears what our world is turning into.

Anyway, here are some comments over the last couple of years with these next videos.

Atton and Mical Clash (Part 1)
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YouTube Video

Let’s be logical. Like with Brianna being jealous of Visas if the Miraluka has more influence than her has a couple of cut scenes with Kreia taking advantage of the situation, we have a couple of scenes where Mical has more influence than Atton and to get this scenes it’s logical to assume you’re progressing with Mical more than Atton. For some reason that is very confusing, but so are other things for those who refuse to explore other game options.

Some ladies (and possibly men) love Mical:

"Mical is so wise, I just can't help loving him!!! And he's such a gentleman."

"I love Mical he's like a puppy."

"[Mical] talks like prince charming!"
Then there is hate:

"Mical is such a fagg its incredible"

"Mical is huge suck up"

"The Disiple is a boring charactar"

This statement speaks for itself:

"And To Be Honest I Kinda Hate Mical He Constantly Makes Me Feel Like And Idiot In The Game With All His Wisdom And Stuff"
Then there are the Atton fans:

"atton is sooooo hot"

"atton his so cute when he's jealous"
Somebody thought of an off-topic remark that is… well judge for yourself:

"u can make mandalore a jedi 2. watch the video, but not sure if it works on pc."

Somebody thought cut content was really still in the game:

"Can you make Atton turn to the dark side like flip out and attack Sion im trying to get it"
[gets informed that can’t be done]
"well playing the game three times through was a major waste of time lol"
Some guys refused to play as a female and never learn how other options in the game work:

"how do u get mical i couldnt get him the times i played"

"Whos this guy? it is a cheat?"

"who does mical replace"

"Does this only work when your a jedi female on kotor 2?"

"is this a mod"

"So you can get Mical to Join if you play as a girl?"
Somebody doesn’t want to play as a female Exile to get Mical. I guess some men like him after all:

"is there any way to have the disciple with a male exile??"

The all confusing influence system strikes again:

"when do you see this"

"do you have to be on Dantooine?"

"JediShemL please respond I've almost compleated the game and still have never seen this scene"
There are two things that could have possibly happened here. #1) The player has never played as a male Exile. #2) They simply didn’t pay attention to the dialogue when playing as a male Exile. If I had to wager, I would put all I had on #2 and hit the jackpot.

"Is there some scene to tell you that his names Mical or is it simply a different version?"
Atton and Mical Clash (Part 2)
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YouTube Video

More Mical love:

"Mical is so adorable."

"Yeiiii more Mical!!! Thanks!!"
More Mical hate:

"mical sucks"

"mical is a [cencored]"

"Mical is Doc from Red Vs Blue. Accept It."

"mical's a prick"

"In my opinion Mical is an annoying goodey two shoes."

Somebody had too many drinks:

"Mical = Palpatine"
I guess some people out there confuse Mical with the Sith student from K1, Mekel even though they look nothing alike:

"wasnt mical that sith wannabe in kotor 1 that u rescued from that sith tomb"
If not the influence system, maybe the order you visit planets is speculated:

"wat is the order of the planets u played to get these movies?hehehe"
The all confusing influence system makes some wonder if these cut scenes are mods AKA restored content:

"Do we know if these are not Mods?"
More possible chauvinistic men out there:

"How do you get Mical to join your party and how does he become a jedi?"

"how do u get the disciple to go with u on ur ship,the only time i saw him was on u get him to journey with you?"
Another excuse to hide one self’s possible chauvinistic views:

"This is why I don't like Exile as a girl Atton and Mical are losers"
Another person found out about cut content, but missed the memo that it is cut content:

"is there a way to get these cutscenes but still gain enough influence with Atton so that he does the special deathscene at the end?"
Starting a new game doesn’t erase your previous saves. You just need to switch your character profiles, but some didn’t realize that:

"its just when i try to make another person and start over it erass all my data and i have spent a really long time making my character have good armor and force powers and stuff like that"
Enjoy the update and as always I love reading your reactions!

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