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"Kaneda...I need to ask you something...What is wrong with that crazy sensai of ours?! He can read our minds...and we know nearly nothing about him!"

"That has been bugging me for some time now." Kaneda thought back at those irritating moments where Tategami replied back to his unspoken thoughts. "He claims its nothing telepathic, but rather a form of enhanced sensory, if I recall..."

"He could be hiding something, but it wont be long till its exposed. Thats why I'm accompanying him on the next mission, so I can extract his secret!"

__________________________________________________ __

"I will wait for you out here, if that is alright with you."

"You can come inside if you wish. But wait outside the Hokage's office." Tategami entered the manshion and found his way to the main office. He knocked, and entered with Teishi.

"Daisuke Tategami, reporting sir!" Tategami announced, then bowed. "Forgive our actions, for our mission failed. We have however gathered some intriguing information..."
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