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DE funny how you mention creationist arguments.. AGW alarmists have been doing the same thing. They begin with the premise "Global warming is real and man made"
No. Scientists being with a hypothesis and then try to disprove it. That's an entirely different thing entirely.

Oh, and another thought on the "they're just afraid to lose funding" line: are you aware that the scientific field has acknowledged AGW for half a decade? Are you saying that someone, somewhere, has kept the entire field of climate science on a payroll for half a century, so that when the 21st century came about, they could sell electric cars and windmills? I imagine that bribing so many, many tens of thousands of scientists to lie to the public for 50+ years would cost huge sums of dough. Who has that kind of money? The New World Order? The Jews? The Illuminati?

They take selected temperatures from around the globe and use them to point out how the Earth is getting warmer.
More dishonesty from you. Of course they're using "selected temperatures", it's impossible to measure the temperature of every square meter of earth. Just like it's impossible for an America-wide survey to ask questions to every single US resident. If the sampling rate is wide enough, however, you get a pretty clear image of rising temperature.

They alter their programs to produce the desired results.

And quite frankly much of their data is hidden.
Hidden in what way? I can just picture a scientist going "Eddie, I've come upon a new discovery in the AGW field! But just to be an ass, I'm not showing it to you, nyah, nyah!".

In some cases it is fraudulent. A recent example that comes to mind was when they were calling last October the hottest on record. They used Siberian temperatures as the example. There's a problem though.. Siberian October temps were copied over from two months prior.
So you have an example of possible fraud, big deal. There are frauds in every field of science, and in fact every profession out there.

Rapidly rising sea level is another one that bugs me...

20 feet by the end of the century. as Gore would have us believe. IMPOSSIBLE says I. ONE foot per century is closer to facts.
I don't know anything about rising sea levels, but you're making the mistake of looking at Gore as some sort of pope. Climate science isn't an organized religion. Gore isn't a scientist, much less a pope, and doesn't represent the scientific viewpoint on the subject.

Al Gore deserves kudos for popularizing and raising awareness on AGW, but should not be consulted for scientific predictions. I believe I've already pointed this out in this thread.

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