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Well, here we are, 2 years later, and I am the last of the xbox modders. I was exiled from known space during the Jedi Civil-

Okay, that's enough. I am though, presumably the last (everyone probably has a 360) of the kotor modders. And I am here to provide what little tech support I can.

Here's what I've found:

Textures do work, and some you don't have to resize, as the txi information tells the xbox to downsample them. There's even a quick easy fix for that, if you want sharper textures.

Note: Unlike the Pc version, the xbox version can only run so many override textures at a time.

If you want to use custom loading screens, resize them to 512x512, otherwise they won't load at all.

Actually, as a rule of thumb, don't let any textures above 512x512 into your override. Some will run, but it's generally safer, and if you're playing on a TV, you'll hardly notice anyways.

Custom items/armors/characters do work, but you need a way to get them (in-game, or cheatband mod)

dlg/uti/utc/utw/utds work in general

2da editing seems to generally work, as long as there are no errors.

Scripts generally work, save a few, and they have to be solidly scripted.

custom dialog will work, but has to be converted to wma first (48 kbps, mono for continuity)

module editing will work, but creating new modules tends not to work unless you have the rims (rimsxbox) to go with them. Also, the changes will not take place unless you have never been to the module yet(same for pc version).

dialog.tlk editing works, but make sure you delete the existing one from your cache. Same with dialog.erfs.. delete them from the cache first.

And last but not least....

mdls/mdxs generally do not work
HOWEVER, the m4-78 mod (by Dstoney) which puts a new placeable droid and a m4-78 planet model into the override will load the modules which have them.

This is exceptionally good news. Too bad it crashes for some other reason.

Anyways, if there are any of you out there, let me know. Perhaps we can solve this taxing issue.

EDIT: This is good news, though I have not tested it extensively.

Override models still do not work.. BUT I believe it might be possible to get models to work... Here's why. (TSL only so far)

In the same directory as default.xbe, there is an erf entitled P_MDL.erf. As you might have guessed, this erf file has the mdls and mdxs of the player heads and some common and some unused body models.

Using the ErfEditor and KotorTool, I extracted Bastila's head model (P_BastilaH.mdl, and the mdx) and I renamed them to PFHC06. I then packed them into the P_mdl.erf, overwriting the current PFHC06 head.

I started the game, checked the character creation screen... no changes..
BUT, when I loaded a game that used that head, it was replaced with Bastila's.

This alludes to a concept that may very well be useful with further investigation, but as of now, this is nothing that can't be accomplished with appearance.2da editing.

-The Models must be extracted from and prexisting in the models.bif in the dataxbox folder

-(unsure) You may have to delete the .res file for P_Mdl.erf in your cache (X:\ for UnleashX) for it to work properly.

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