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As for tommy's response:

Selected as in just how you did. When they have both east AND west antarctic temps which show a small rise in the western Antarctica and a large DROP in temps in the eastern and central Antarctica.
Projecting much? We state the average global average temperature is increasing. You bring up an arbitrarily chosen location and use it as proof this is wrong.

You are selecting. Not we.

Well erasing the Midieval warm period comes to mind
They... haven't. No one's saying warming hasn't occurred before.

Actually, in some cases precisely that.

Yes, fraud used by the IPCC to influence policy.
The IPCC ? The IPCC doesn't conduct climate research, but is rather a task force the UN started when AGW became recognized as a real threat, to determine the appropriate course of action.

I'd disagree. But then I feel that his overhyped fearmongering is diverting resources from real environmental cleanup into a global waste of cash.
But then again, unlike me, you probably don't live in an area that's already feeling the effects of AGW.

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