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This quote caught my attention:

"I'd disagree. But then I feel that his overhyped fearmongering is diverting resources from real environmental cleanup into a global waste of cash."

What is the motive of those supporting AGW? Wasting cash? Does that make any sense to anyone at all?

Let's play dueling motives. I'll throw out a couple and then we can all tack on more as they occur to us.

Potential motive for AGW denial #1 - Don't want to have to change lifestyle. This might not sound like much, but consider the "me" culture in the U.S. that = fuel guzzling SUVs, 50 inch plasma screens in the bathroom AND kitchen, etc. We can't even get people to pay a few extra bucks to change the freakin' lightbulbs.

Potential motive for AGW denial #2 - Money. many hundreds of billions did ExxonMobil net last year? But clearly I'm a cynical bastard for thinking that they might be motivated by hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Obviously anyone that really knows them would agree that they would give up every penny in an instant if they really thought the environment was in jeopardy.

okay there's a couple for AGW-denial. Now for AGW-support.

Potential motive for AGW support #1 - Lack of something better to do. I don't really understand this argument so someone else will need to flesh it out for me.

Potential motive for AGW support #2 - ???
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