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A rocket exploded in one of the groups of the Mandalorians who were charging out.

"Stay apart!! Spread out!!" He snarled at the other Mandalorians, making sure they heard him. He wouldn't lose anymore men to stupidity.

He raised his rifle to his visor and aimed at a nearby StormTrooper position.

He zeroed in and opened fire, killing off the troopers in a matter of moments. More Mandalorians poured forward, quickly overtaking enemy positions and practically slaughtering the Imperials unfortunate enough to be here.

Garrick ran forward and jumped into a crater that had just appeared from the last missile strike.

Durrel and Kajumo jumped in as well.

He nodded to them.

"We have to keep moving, otherwise those turrets will rip our troops to pieces."

He looked over at a nearby bunker wall, it was deserted as the Mandalorian bombardment had smashed its inhabitants.

Garrick pointed over to it.

"Kajumo, set up Division command over there. We'll coordinate every move until we can reach the second line of defense."

Kajumo nodded and jumped up, already sprinting to the position, motioning for the command crews to follow.

Garrick looked back at Durrel, "Take a platoon and hold the dropzone for our Jedi friends. If they come, you'll be the first to see them. Pass the word once they come to reinforce us."

Durrel nodded, "Yes....Mand'alor!"

He then jumped out of the crater as well.

Garrick smiled, "No...not Mand'alor quite yet..."

He then looked at a figure that he recognized all too well. The Dark Jedi they had battled on Amshrey.

He took out his sword and charged forward.

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