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Hi again guys! Thanks for all your positive comments about my t-shirts! I really appreciate it.

Gos: Sorry, there's no "Full Throttle" t-shirts on my shop (at the moment), but now I'll think seriously about it. Thanks for your suggestion.

This afternoon I was finishing one of the next Monkey Island designs. Maybe the next week it could be available. I think you'll like it. I want it to be pretty cool, that's why I take my time to do it.

And now I want to ask a question to all of you... As I tell you on the post I wrote yesterday, I'm from Spain (sorry for my english) and I played the MI games in a perfect spanish. That's why I ask you... What EXACTLY says the Swordmaster treasure t-shirt?

Google can't help me because there are a lot of different variations depending the one who wrote it:

-"I found the Treasure of MeleeTM Island and all I got was this stupid T-shirt!"
-"I found the lost treasure of Melee Island, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."
-"I found the legendary treasure of Melee Island, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."
I could go on, but you get the picture.

I have this Swordmaster t-shirt on my spanish/european shop, but now I want to translate it for the american shop. In order to be accurate as I can, I need your help to solve this mistery.

Well... Sorry for this long post and thanks again for all your comments!
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