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Light or dark I'd rather just off both of them. Petty little creatures that they are.

Yuthura had a better background, uthar was more of a challenge to get approval from but frankly it's all for naught anyway.

No I don't care that I can redeem her.

Looks at freshly dead twilek with tattoos. Hmm.....Necrophelia anyone?

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Agreed, needs a 'neither one' option. I hate them both, always kill both regardless of alignment.
Spoken like a true champ.

Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Yuthura and her hot MILF voice!
You dirty old man.

.......oh wait! P.K.B.?

Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
They're both Sith, so they both die.
I knew there was something likable about your style. A fellow murd--I mean fighter of justice!

Originally Posted by Endorenna View Post
<snip> I kill 'em both.

BTW--Darth Vader FTW!
What is FTW? I have seen it several times now and wonder what it means...

Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Yeah, but depending on how you play it you can have trouble w/Uthar too. Much depends on how you handle the 2x cross before entering the tomb.
I can handle the whole thing if I wanted to. But it's more fun to just kill them both.

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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