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Originally Posted by Shem
Yet, people still continue to ask. These messages are so obvious that if they were snakes, they would have bitten them.
Well, you at least endure it to deliver some nice vids to the public. For that you have my thanks and praises.

There is only so much you can do for some people. I don’t know what else to do to get the message across so they don’t need to ask. Part of me laughs at this and other parts of me fears what our world is turning into.
Well, while I can't really blame you for being fearful. I'd say it is not surprising in the least given how many conveniences there are to take for granted...well that and our schools are full of fail--but I'll not drone on that.

Originally Posted by Shem
Some ladies (and possibly men) love Mical:
"Mical is so wise, I just can't help loving him!!! And he's such a gentleman."
Hmm. Used to being treated like a spoiled princess...

"I love Mical he's like a puppy."
Gold digger. Pah. (Watched this happen from several family members)...
That one you want to avoid like the plague if you are dating challenged, are a "nice" person, and s/he shows interest in you ...and your money.
At the very least, otherwise, she will keep you as a "friend", maybe eat at your house but sleep in someone else's bed.
If she isn't a user, then you can never hope to get any further with her.

"[Mical] talks like prince charming!"
Whoopdie-****ing-doo, you noticed!

As Carlos Mencia says:
"u can make mandalore a jedi 2. watch the video, but not sure if it works on pc."
Ah... So you can take advantage of the exclusively XBOX version's level up glitch--and you know how to do it. How wonderful.

Hmm...I dunno, anyone here on LF *ever* pull that one off on the PC version? If so, I'd like to know how. .....without jester jarod's little mod

"is there any way to have the disciple with a male exile??"
I would reply:
Well no, but I'm sure you can ask the wonderful staff in holowan laboratories up at LucasForums for a mod in the requests section if there isn't one already at lucasfiles(dot)com managed by the wonderful host of these videos.

Do a little homweork on your games, you might learn something.

Somebody had too many drinks:
"Mical = Palpatine"
Hm. Interesting. While character wise there is nothing to suggest it (that isn't even going into canon timeline conflicts) to be the case from a personality standpoint, I will agree that his appearance is similar looking.

He was involved in republic politics at some level if I do recall. I think there may even be something more on this (spoiler alert) in wookieepedia.

More possible chauvinistic men out there:
"How do you get Mical to join your party and how does he become a jedi?"
<Frowns> Takes rolled up newspaper, and smacks repeatedly 2X/sec, saying STUPID! every time the paper makes an impact with his head.
"how do u get the disciple to go with u on ur ship,the only time i saw him was on u get him to journey with you?"
Does anyone do their own research anymore--even on VIDEO GAMES?!

Another excuse to hide one self’s possible chauvinistic views:

"This is why I don't like Exile as a girl Atton and Mical are losers"
Hmm. Well, while I sort of thought they were dorks for a while (until you "jedi" them)...why not play as a female exile for the nice view if nothing else?
At the least it is the canon, the fem exile.

Another person found out about cut content, but missed the memo that it is cut content:

"is there a way to get these cutscenes but still gain enough influence with Atton so that he does the special deathscene at the end?"
I don't there some sort of learning disability that precludes you from reading descriptions?
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