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Originally Posted by Kain View Post
I'm beginning to hate Microsoft products. First, my computer decided it wanted to say 'hey, you need to update your soundcard drivers'. Then it proceeded to have a 'critical system error' which, since my driver was re-writing several key Windows files, destroyed my OS.

Now, my 360 decided that it doesn't want to have video anymore - and not the red light error, oh no. No, instead its playing the audio and refusing to show what its playing. Apparently, this is a problem - 2 years ago. So now I get to send in my 360 and not have it for what, 3 months?


Unless anyone here knows how to fix the video failure problem on my 360?

Well, Windows 7 isn't that bad. It's actually good, LOL.


But regarding the Xbox 360 - it only takes a week or two to get a replacement, not three months.

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