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I’m still a long ways from getting through all of my videos, but since I’m in the mood to enlighten you all, here is an update.

Mira Catches Atton Spying on the Exile
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YouTube Video

Yeah, yeah, yeah:

"howd you get that to happone?"

"this scene only happens if your main character is a gal right?? damn I got to try it haha"

"does it matter if your more light or dark side??"


"man i never got these when i played"
Somebody finally gets the idea that you should explore your game:

"So...all these scenes in the game itself? Geez, I've completely underplayed the game, then."
Who gets who and such is so confusing to some:

"Hey wait a sec .. when u play as a female dont you get Harnharr or whatever his name is .. instead of Mira ?"
So this gamer likes the dark side only:

"Wtf? I just got Hanharr, Hanharr killed Mira in my game. How get Mira?"
You can’t have it all:

"is it possible to get this scene and make atton a jedi? If i'm not mistaken, you have to go to Dantooine to get Mical, and then Nar Shaddaa to get Mira. you can't influence Atton at Korriban or Duxn, so you have to influence him at nar shaddaa? so, can you get Atton 100% influence and make him a jedi, get Mira in the team, and then have this cutscene? I'd rather make him a jedi then get this scene...but I'd like both..."
Do I dare tell this person to get a girlfriend:

"hey dude isnt there any romace in kotor 2?"
Maybe someone should try seeing the light/dark alignment on their party members to see how much you have influenced them:

"how can i tell how much influence i have with them?"
Narrow-minded people make me laugh:

"kreia is pretty useless when she gets her hand sliced off"

What Atton Does When He Thinks Nobody is Looking
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YouTube Video

While there were some questions about how to get this scene and some people expressing their laughter after watching this video, there were a few comments worth mentioning in my opinion.

I guess it never occurred that bounty hunters by nature observe people:

"My question is, why is Mira watching Atton in the first place to see if he scratches his "equipment"?"

"how did mira ever see atton uhh scratch his "equipment"???"



"Ya know what I think? I think Mira is a dirty little spying girl."

"Mira is all knowning and very wise"

"why she watching him scratch his 'equipment'"
Some things are better left unsaid:

"Come to think of it, my equipment could use some scratching here and there."
An interesting comment based on the dialogue in this video:

"'you dont shower enough', wierd, i never saw a shower on the Hawk, not even a toilet 0.o"
Run that by me again:

"Kreia's advice is something like: 'See that guy killing puppies? Don't do anything about it.'"
Somebody needs to knock some sense into this guy:

"do u think atton and mira will have sex on the ground cus she sounds so horny"

Here comes a query that led to someone’s outburst:

"who are these characters? is this from kotor 1 or 2?"
So I replied to the guy that he has obviously never played KOTOR II: TSL. He goes on to blow up at me. I guess some people are very touchy. This is one of those statements I’m going to have to sensor out some of the dialogue for the sake of this forum:

"i wonder why everyones a [jerk] on youtube. i asked a question that i hope you can answer, if you're gonna make a stupid comment like you did you can go [flip] yourself and let someone with some [freaking] people skills answer the [freaking] question. now since both games can easily be played for over 30 hours (or so i've read) and i'm about 10 hours into the first, its a valid question"
Here is another interesting observation on how Mira was able to see what Atton is up to when he thinks nobody is looking:

"in the communications room on the ebon hawk you can see all the rooms on the ship with the people in them i guess mira went in their switched the screen on and Bam Atton scratching his equipment"
Another guy gets it wrong:

"Mira means by scratching equipment he is scratching his butt"

Redeem Bastila
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YouTube Video

This is one of the first videos I did when I finished getting it ready it was bigger than 100 megabytes. Since it was required at the time to go lower on YouTube and I didn’t really know much of what I was doing video editing wise, I cut some of the picture quality to make sure it made the guideline. Little did I know that sound takes up more space than picture in videos and I have learned to separate the sound and compress it without losing picture (DVD’s do that). I have since gone back and redid some videos with the better video quality. This is one I have yet to do so far and it may be the oldest one that I haven’t updated.

Anyway, let’s get a move on it. The first time I ever played the game, I played as a female Revan and I redeemed Bastila on my first try. Little did I know that would be a problem for some people out there.

Here’s my theory. If you’re having trouble redeeming Bastila, why don’t you just copy the dialogue choices I made in this video:

"how do you get her back to the lightside because im trying to get her back?"

"Whenever I choose the option: You won't Bastila, because I love you and I believe in you" right before 6:03, then she attacks me! Do I need to complete all the dialogues about her life and warnings of the dark side etc?"

"How come when i tried to give her a second chance, after the fight she did this [strong] move and killed me?"

"I did the exact same thing and she went loco... WTF?"
Even though I did it the first time as a female Revan, I found out later you do have to be a little more careful with your dialogue choices when playing as female Revan, but if you make the logical choices, it will work:

"how can you redeem Bastila for the female revan?"

"Is it possible to redeem Bastila as a woman?"
While we have learned some people had a problem redeeming Bastila, some wondered if Bastila would have helped Revan against his former apprentice:

"If u dont end up killing her, does she help u defeat Malak?"

"im also trying to find out how to have bastilla with me when i duel malak"

"what would have happened if you had asked her to come and fight malak by your side ?"

"If u dont end up killing her, does she help u defeat Malak?"
Making your lightsaber stronger would mean you get to the dialogue intermissions faster. I guess some people really like to do all they can to skip dialogue:

"If u use a really good lightsabre and u do more damage do u not get the chance to talk to her in the very end"
So you reject Bastila at the top of the Rakatan Temple, but someone thinks it would make more sense to finally join her on the Star Forge:

"you should just join her so you wont have to keep fighting her makes more sence"
Somebody should try maxing out their K1 PC by doing side quests and such:

"the top level you can get is 25 right ?"
Somebody should try playing the game, or should I have put this in the section of comments of people who couldn’t redeem Bastila. It’s hard to say because you never know with some people out there:

"is this real? or is this a mod?"
Again, explore your game by actually talking to your party members as much as you can when you level up and enter the Ebon Hawk:

"can you not have the whole lover relationship with bastilla on the xbx ver?"
This comment speaks for itself:

"Did you feel a bit...twangy and gay when she said "I love you" ? Or is it ok?"
Boy, talk about trying to rush through the game:

"thats odd was there an option to refuse fighting her all together?"
Somebody lost their game:

"im rather annoyed, i was playing this game the other day and NOW I CANT FIND IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOO"
Enjoy this update and keep up with the reactions!

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