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Windows Vista Service Pack 2 went public recently. Check the updates thread for more info and download links.

In other news... ASUS has announced its MARS GPU which comprises dual GTX 285s and no less than 4GB VRAM with 240 shader processors...

No benchies or price yet, will be unveiled properly at Computex >> source

Not sure what 4GB > 2GB or less will actually do as far as games performance. Will wait to see what the benchies reveal...

Those interested in the GT300 - Here's an interesting article from Bright Side of News:

nVidia GT300 already taped out, A1 silicon in Santa Clara

seems like these are the (likely) final specs:

512 cores, 512-bit memory controller, 256GB/s to 280GB/s of bandwidth on the non-overclocked parts.
Still no confirmation on release date or price of course...but it's getting closer



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