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Originally Posted by Vlad011 View Post
No,no man..I get to the bout..but its a bug...whan its start to load the next lvl...i get kick out on my desktop! (( Ill kill mysalf from the frustation! I usa pach 1.2 and nothing! ...\
Do u know of what bug i speak of? And yea - I instal pach just today,and I load a last game,where Im on GOD that problem or not?
There is a bug that sometimes show up at the end of the society of leopold (but not always). Don't think god mode has anything to do with it (even though it can mess things up sometimes).

You can try this workaround if you find no other way of solving it. Make sure you start the game with the console active. Then in the game, get as close to the boat as you can without stepping onto it (you don't want to trigger the area transition). Then pause/go out to the menu, activate the console and type in (it's case sensitive IIRC):

changelevel2 la_hub_1 taxi_landmark

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