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Jun-la gave a reassuring pat to the girl's shoulder as they boarded their dropship. The ride down was as bumpy as one could imagine it but there was no recourse. As soon as they landed, the team jumped out of the ship. Jun-la had her lightsaber in hand and walked forward as if it were a stroll in the middle of the battle. She surveyed the scene. It wouldn't be long before hordesmen spilled out. Ken-Lui came up and voiced, "We should make our way in."

"We need to form a perimeter. Too much risk of being cut off." Then Jun-la pulled up her comm and said, "Mandalorian, use a spread formation to take this ground."

Meanwhile Tonatius, with Tiye and Kalla were battling back troops to clear teh platform. It was then that the assassin came down and he stood lookng at him. He cursed in Avalonian and moved next to Kalla. He muttered, "We need to move on all sides. Agreed?"


"So the Jedi have landed," Tyrannus noted. "It won't be long before they make their way in the fortress. I suggest that we send the hordesmen out Virul. I believe Karaka has a bone to pick."


Andros, filled with a combat rage, against all odds managed to damp it down to stay focused as he battled Greea. When she thrust forward, he disarmed her of her lightsaber and tossed away his. Greea came at him hand to hand and it was nothing but a fist fight from there. He blocked a fist and gave a shove to the chest that knocked Greea to the ground. Andros collapsed on his knees to breathe.

Greea groaned as she cleared her head. "What happened? Komad? Where are we?"

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