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Monumental incompetence and blinding insensitivity.
Or just a major ****-up on the part of the mayor or whoever was responsible for informing the public. Had there been a real effort to tell people what was going to happen, things would probably have gone down more smoothly, or possibly even been cancelled due to public outcry.

BO's watch, thus his fault.
Right, because it's Barrack Obama's personal responsibility to plan and execute photo ops and warn the affected civilians. That Bush, now he was something else. Called me personally before staging that disaster exercise near my house, and even went in and drove one of the Humvees himself. Really cheery guy.

Seriously, though, the need of certain people to pin this on Obama is just laughable. Is he really doing such a good job that you need to grasp at straws in this manner? If yes, why do you dislike him? If no, why can't you stick with attacking whatever real concerns you have with the guy?

PS: I assume 9/11 and the flooding of New Orleans were both automatically Bush's faults, since they happened on his watch?

The interesting thing, though, is why they'd try to keep something that obvious (hard to hide a 747 flying that low) a "secret" from the general public.
Failing to inform someone is not "keeping something secret". It'd be "keeping something secret" if the mayor was expressively forbidden to inform the public or some similar scenario. Simply failing to inform someone through sheer idiocy? Not even remotely the same thing.

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