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I get your knee-jerk need to run to BO's defense at the drop of a hat, but since you're quoting from my post, try not to misrepresent things. Whenever your underlings screw up like that, the blame ultimately goes to the top. It may seem unfair, but that's just life. Substitutue Bush into the chain, same result. The really stupid thing was the manner in which it was carried out. If you want to blame Bloomberg....that's fine by me too. Even BO got that it made him look bad. But fact is, the whole idea was wrong in the first place and makes you wonder what kind of decision makers this administration employs or the criteria they use to make that choice. Their vetting team has a pretty poor record as it is.

Funny, I believe there are many who blame Bush for 911 already. Can't do much about Katrina....that's a force of nature. Though I suppose some of the more screwy AGW people could try to pin that on Bush anyway, much like those w/the 911 conspiracy. As to the whole "secret" thing:
Originally Posted by WebRider
As the article says, the local police/government who's job it is to announce, were told to keep quiet
This is what was being commented on. Who would have placed such a demand? If that wasn't some kind of misquote or misprint, I'd say the idiot was the one who issued such an order. Hard to hide that kind of colossal mistake.

PS:a major messup is a form of monumental incompetence.

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