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Specter lost interest when the two chunin began talking about Tategami. He created a small fire ball an began throwing it up in the air and catching it. He was in the village of the man who killed his family but here he was playing with a fireball. He could take these two if he wanted but something was holding him back. Something did click in his head. If Tategami could somehow read minds maybe another ninja could shapeshift. He shrugged it off and put the fireball out. He looked up and smiled from under his mask when Karela laughed. It sounded so familiar to him. It reminded him of when he was back in his village. A time when there was peace and happiness. As Karela left, Specter turned to look at Kaneda.

"If you don't mind I need to use the rest room." Specter said as he stood up and left without waiting for a response.

He shut the door behind him as he walked inside. He summomed a portal and stepped through. It let out just outside the ramen shop. He followed after Karela.

"Getting two free meals out of someone is very impressive. I must say I'm impressed."

Takeda followed Tategami inside until he reached Naruto's office. Takeda back away slightly and waited on the other side of the door.
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