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"We're still inside Darth Virul's fortress on Bastion. Before we attempt to free the governor, we should try to disable the automated defences, in order to help our troops push through." Komad explained, helping Greea get back on her feet.

"Karaka, the Mandalorians and the Republic have begun their attack. Tell your hordesmen to wipe them out. All of them." Virul told Karaka over the comm. "I will deal with the rest of the Jedi slime myself."

"Agreed." Kalla replied, noticing several more Republic ATT's touch down on the planet's hilly surface. Numerous Republic Guardsmen stepped out of each, and immediately began firing upon the Stormtroopers. In addition, she could spot at least one AT-WP in the distance, firing all of its guns at the fortress.

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