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Ah, another update. I have to tell you that your replies to inspire me to update this thread. As long as you guys keep that up, it will motivate me to keep this going.

Taking on Darth Bandon
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YouTube Video

This one took many takes to do as I was trying to set up a one-on-one fight between Bandon and Revan. It's not the best looking fight, but it was the best I could do at the time when I made the video.

Hello Captain Obvious:

"In Xbox you can defeat him on Kashakyya"

Okay, so I modded Jolee Bindo to be a Yoda species as many of you know about. Here’s the thing. I even mentioned it on my video’s summary and yet people still asked all the time while other users kept answering their questions. Some people:

"how did u get yoda"

"what!! Why is yoda in your team? did you cheat or isthere a way to get him?"



"well who is that little yoda like being"

"how did you get one of those yoda people in your party?"

"how did u get the little yoda dude on your team? is that only for pc?"

"How do you get the litte Yoda guy? I want to know too"

"whos the yoda dude"

"That wasn't Yoda, that was Jedi Master Vandar Tokare"

"how did you get that small jedi master whit you"

"how come yoda is in your party???"

"How the hell did you get Yoda with you???"

"awesome master vandar! or is that yoda? o'well its still a awesome lil green man!"

"how did you get master vandar?"

"hey whose the yoda looking fellow? And where do you get him?"
A breakthrough in thinking may have happened:

"i dont hink thats yoda that the other gy"
So I make a mod, but some people out there wonder if I use my own mods:

"Are you using your Prequal Saber mod that you made from Kotorfiles?"

This is a question where I answered and this guy flew off the handle:

[User has a query]"is that a cheat?"
[Shem replies]"It's called a mod."
[User freaks out]"well im sorry i am not as big of a nerd as you. i just play the games i dont put "Mods" in them then make fun of other kids for not knowing what a mod is."
Is it safe to assume that this person completed the game, but rushed through it so he never got to Level 20:

"whats the max level in this game?"

Defeating Darth Malak to Save the Republic
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YouTube Video

Some people out there didn’t know what Death Field was. It shouldn’t be shocking anymore how much people never explored their game if you have been following this thread:

"dude whats the PURPLE THUNDER power called??"

"but that force power you used whats it called?"
Or Force immunity:

"What power did you use at the beggining?"

This is a great conversation based on how badly people like to finish the game as fast as possible. Who would have thought someone would get to Darth Malak at Level 12. Here is our conversation:

[Some guy] "What level were you you??"
[Shem reply] "Whatever the max level you could be. What other level would you think I am?"
[Some guy again] "30-40"
[Shem’s next reply] "It almost seems you have never played the first KOTOR game. Level 20 is the max in KOTOR. To get to Level 30-40, you have to be playing KOTOR II: TSL."
[Some guy who rushes through their game] "Hey I'm a big KotOR Fanatic! I beaten the First Game. However I did'nt complete all quests, so I was only a level 12 jedi guardian when I faced malak."
I have a heavy modified game while wearing robes not normally seen in the game that have better stats than the Star Forge robes. Here is what some people said to me thinking they’re being helpful, but not noticing the mods in front of them:

"too bad you didnt try to get revan's original robe it was at the star forge you know"

"Why you don't have the Revan robbes, if you are in the light side, you can have a white robes, if you are in the dark side, it's black, like the one he use when he was Darth Revan. This robes can be found in the Star Forge!"
Someone is trying to find Darth Revan’s Robes and the Star Forge Robes:

"where in the star forge?? I´ve looked for it many times and never found. please answer me"
I find it amusing when people freak out at me for playing the game the way I do. Using a dark side power with a light sided character is just wrong with some people out there and they have no problem telling you:

"Dude, people watch this for canonical reasons mostly... which does NOT meen draining the lives of the dead Jedi, it meens setting them free!!!"

"its not really right to drain those jedi of their life force. better if you used advanced light saber throw..."

"How can a Light Side Jedi use lightning? That's a severe mistake as far as I'm concerned."
Every now and then you have someone who wonders what game it is:

"What game is this?"

Victory Celebration
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YouTube Video

Here comes the topic of Jolee being a Yoda species from one of my mods while watching the light side ending of KOTOR and that raises questions or concerns even though I tell people in the summary (like that helps):

"2 yodaz"

"Where's Jolee?"

"why is there 2 yoda lookin dudes at the beginning?? lol"

"where is Joliee bindo"
Someone is really confused here. He really thinks Vandar is Yoda lacking the traditional Yoda grammar skills:

"Lame: yoda speaks fluently."
Then there is someone who just thinks they see Yoda:

"yoda is there!! haha"
This is back before the MMO announcement. There is always questions about KOTOR III and if Revan will be in it or you get to play as Revan again, etc, etc. But this one cracks me up:

"do you think revan will show up in KOTOR 3?? he must....please reply!!"
So I put Canderous in Mandalorian armor and it confuses people:

"how come theres a mandalorian in the background"
Here’s a great conversation I had with someone:

[Some guy with a query] "on the xbox and when u finished the game is there a way to continue playing? after?"
[Shem’s reply after disbelief] "You can't be serious!"
[Some guy is really serious] "Dude how you mean u cant be serious i'm just asking -.- Please reply"
Here is another conversation I had with someone who needs serious comprehension skills:

[Another guy] "If Revan chose the Dark path, then the events of the movies would never have happened. Revan would have conquered the galaxy, and the Republic would have been quashed right there. Revan's successors would continue the Empire of Revan, thus preventing the Clone Wars and Sidious from coming to power."
[Shem replies] "You obviously didn't play KOTOR II: TSL."
[Another guy proves he can’t comprehend to save his life] "I DID play KOTOR II. I can offer proof, if it is necessary."
This is an ending, not a bonus mission:

"what there isa bonus mission or somthen i did dark side?"
Yes, I made modding quite a hobby and somebody noticed:

"Damn Shem, you are mod happy"
Enjoy the laughs!

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