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I get your knee-jerk need to run to BO's defense at the drop of a hat
Don't be silly, Tot. You attacked Obama for no reason. I simply responded to your post. If anyone knee-jerk reaction here, it's you.

Whenever your underlings screw up like that, the blame ultimately goes to the top. It may seem unfair, but that's just life.
Sorry, but you barge into a debate forum, make a statement that's false or unjust, and then go "that's life".

Funny, I believe there are many who blame Bush for 911 already.
You're dodging the point. Do you blame 9/11 and New Orleans on Bush, since both the terrorist attack and collosal failure of the US to respond to the disaster both happened on his watch? If yes, thank you for your consistency. If no, please explain why you don't think 9/11 is Bush's fault.

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