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Originally Posted by Kain View Post
If you're talking about Ohio, then get the hell out of my state.

Also, I hate being not drunk. Win for me.

Yes, I'm talking about Ohio. Born and raised here.


From Kent, at Columbus. Which city are you from, Kain?

Jae, that's badass. I'm studying business administration (yuck), and minoring in political science (possibly multiple minors, since I don't have time for a double-major, and I really enjoy political science). I then aim to go to law school, and eventually end up in politics. Only reason I'm majoring in business administration (possibly information systems because I'm a computer geek), is so that I can actually get a decent job with a BSBA to earn some money to help pay for law school.

Huge ass campus here. Kind of a huge change going from a high school of roughly 1200-1400, to a university of 52000+.

And yes, Michigan sucks, I hate them too.

Muck Fichigan, right?

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