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Originally Posted by LordJhredmo View Post
Sorry, Mav, but I don't think anyone here has taken that position on it.
Originally Posted by TSR View Post
What a dick move to make it handheld only. LA seems intent on doing everything in their power to make everyone hate them.
You've gotten a single news release about it and this whole thread condemns it for perceived inadequacies of its predecessor (Renegade Squadron, and it's worth noting that the "customizable" only carries over to the PSP, the DS version uses BF1/2's class system).

Is there really something here you wanted to see out of a handheld game that you're not getting? I really feel like this is one more "oh fiddlesticks, no SWBF3, ergo whine."*

Originally Posted by LordJhredmo View Post
And "probably" is a longshot, at best.
Really? Based on what? Because of the time it takes to develop a game (for any platform), it's not like they could have just thrown this together when they figured that SWBF3 wouldn't make it out the door (up until less than a year ago Free Radical was working on it). It was certainly being developed alongside SWBF3 - and because of that it is very likely that it was planned for a side-by-side release. I don't really see any justification or evidence for what you claim.

*It's worth noting that this bitterness is symptomatic of most posters on this board, though. I hate to pigeonhole people, but 90% of posts are either condescension towards newbies or whining about something in/upcoming in Battlefront.
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