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Originally Posted by Maveritchell View Post

*It's worth noting that this bitterness is symptomatic of most posters on this board, though. I hate to pigeonhole people, but 90% of posts are either condescension towards newbies or whining about something in/upcoming in Battlefront.
I've been on the batlefront forum for years and I've seen the dump this place can become. Like Bokken said, GT is a well moderated and intellegent site. Take away the mods except to get rid of adbots and let sit for a few years and you'll have another battlefront section. This place used to be much better because we had things to talk about, but now that the game is old, everything has been discussed to the fullest, I really don't care if some one who is apparently experiencing internet forums for the first time ever has a solution to an issue solved years ago. If they don't want to raise themselves up to the not very high standard of this place, fine by me, better to not have them anyways. I would rather see this place die with class over see is be taken over by idiots who are unaware of the existence of the shift key and barely able to form a complete sentence.

And regarding the game, heres a description
Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron's story spans the entire Star Wars saga. Playing as X2, a clone trooper
Not exactly a grunt sounding name but it has possibilities. Moving on to the rest of the paragraph
a clone trooper created from the DNA of a Jedi Master, you joined the rebellion after being told to eliminate Jedi during Order 66. However, your clone brother X1 chooses a dark path, leading to a confrontation that could determine the fate of the Empire and the Rebellion.
What the ****ing hell? A clone trooper... made from Jedi DNA... You determine fate of empire and rebellion...Seriously? What? The reason I enjoy battlefield and battlefront games are because I'm not some steroid abusing, near invincible super soldier who has the fate of the war and universe resting on their massive buff shoulders or massive breasts if the character happens to be female. No, instead I play as a grunt who has allies for more reasons than just something to babysit a few missions and then forget. But aside from that fact that this game should have been called Force Unleashed: Portable, lets move on.
We're told that the battles waged on each front will be affected by your actions, so every shot fired and every enemy defeated can affect the outcome of a battle on another front.
I can tell people massive hyperboles too, if only video game magazines would pay attention to me...
The DS version features class-based gameplay that allows you to equip your characters with pre-determined weapon armaments, including heavy weapons, blasters and lightsabers
Good, lets destroy Star Wars Cannon even more by giving clones lightsabers, and to make this game identical to every other game with jedi, include some other filler weapons that no one actually uses once they can use light sabers
So Mav, look forward to TFU: Elite Squadron as much as you want, this small article has already given me enough reason to know it will be sub par at best.

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