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I agree with you. By the way you quoted the late Lord Acton of Parliament of the Whig party and a Rebel sympathizer during the Revolution. In fact, he may have been America's only friend, then. Anyway, that doesn't explain why the sith use lightsabers, too, and don't tell me that was changed over time. I still think, that we like to make sure that the villains are ugly, demonic looking because it's easier to root against, them. Now, I'm going to state a name for rhetorical perposed. Adolf Hitler is my example. He was young and handsome and socially acceptable at parties. He turned his own trial into a political rally. He wrote a book while in prison called Mein Kampf. And, he led all of Germany and the world into it's darkest hour. But, if you watch his campaign speeches that are still on YouTube. All you see is a politician in his thirties running for election.

If you met the real Adolf Hilter (the charming Adolf Hitler) at a social event, would you be so quick to kill him? I'm telling you even I would hesitate because when you talk to him at a party he doesn't look like a mad man with a messiah complex, and he certainly, doesn't act that way, either.

So, anyway, that's gives you an idea why I don't like the idea of dark side transitions from any perspective.

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