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((Chev said I can take over Naruto :P ))

Forgive our actions, for our mission failed. We have however gathered some intriguing information..."

"You remind me of myself when I was 13..." Naruto said, reminising on his past as a Genin under going numerous missions that ended in failure. "Fine, inform me of recent tragic events."

"It wasnt so much as the plan of the mission that had failed; we have granted the Arashi's request. Except, we were helping the wrong kind of people..."

"I know. Your team mate Karela has informed me yesterday... who is this?" The Hokage pointed at the man in white robes.

"This here is Teishi, a member of the Ogawa clan." Tategami introduced the Ogawa member.

"We are sworn protectors of the Tomb of the Warlord Magato, jinchuuriki of the Ten Tailed Bijuu. Our oath has been in vein, as it seems. But all hope must not be lost. Right now we must focus on locating the Arashi."
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