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Originally Posted by jj-Bitburger!!! View Post
Hey toghether i have an installing problem with the mod when the installer is nearly finished a line appears: Error: Unhandled exception: Cannot create file "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\J\Desktop\Desktopschrott\KOTOR\Kotor 1\bossr(kein yavin)\backup\modules\ship.mod". Zugriff verweigert (0)

And i don't now how to solve this problem (by the way i reinstalled kotor twice so the problem is not in the game/and i think that the problem is not because of my german version of the game because BoS was fitting with the version/the patch 1.03 is installed too so I have no idea what to do if someone could help me i would be very happy (p.s. sorry for my bad english i'm from germany)
The version of the game shouldn't make a difference, and isn't the cause of this installation problem. Have you extracted everything included in the .rar file, including the empty folders?

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