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"Getting two free meals out of someone is very impressive. I must say I'm impressed."

"They're not really free...Kaneda-kun will be riding me until I pay him back."

A Short while later.

"You look fine Karela."

"But I'm telling you, even since we fought those Fungai clones I haven't been feeling well."

"Fine, I'll take a look. Open your mouth and please don't bite down on my finger this time."

"When are you going to let that go? I was seven years old when that happend!"

"You may have been seven years old, but your bite was still strong enough to put me down on the floor in pain."

Karela simply opened her mouth and let the doctor take a look at her.

"That's have fungai residue on the back of the many of these things did you fight at a time?"

Karela closed her eyes in thought for a second and then held up three fingers.

"Why don't you kids ever read the strategy books for dealing with these kind of things! When fighting fungai clones, your supposed to wear something over your mouth at all times! Kids these days!"

Karela silently resisted the urge to bit down on the Doctor's finger which was still in her throat.

"Wait...hold on. Karela, have you been feeling any body aches lately? Joint pains? Neck pains? Has your heart been hurting at all?"

Karela paused for a second and then nodded her head once.

"Sorry, but I think your going to need to spend the night. I have to ask you some questions and run some tests."

Awwww...I hate hospital food...
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