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Originally Posted by jj-Bitburger!!! View Post
I have after the extracting of the rar file 5 folders (save/tlspatchdata/source scripts/2DA & journal/"after the installation the" backup "folder") the readme and the installer. that is all. I downloaded the mod twice now and installed it but the problem is still there so it could be in my kotor files but i don't know how this is possible perhaps i try to install it without the 1.03 patch of kotor
and thanks for the fast answer :-)

i tried to play the included savegame now after the installation without the installer and on korriban is the door to the czerka mining closed (with a working droid and a man infront of it) but in the cantina i can't find drix k. perhaps this could help i don't now and i'm also downloading your link from filefront now and the i will try this version of your mod.
You need to open up the .rar file, extract EVERYTHING, and THEN run the install file. Not extract some stuff, run the install file, and then extract the rest.

Originally Posted by Pikmin View Post
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I've just tested this myself and I can confirm it's a genuine bug. I've added it to the list.

Originally Posted by luc500 View Post
Silveredge9 i found a bug when playing BOS SR for the second time
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I'll look into it.

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