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Specter waited until Karela was out of sight. He quickly cloned himself and looked around to make sure no one saw him do so. He ordered the clone to return back to Kaneda; The real Specter had another plan in mind. He began searching through all the homes until he came across the right room. After some awkward experiences, Specter found the one he was looking for. Takeda's room was just as blank as the ninja himself. Specter chuckled slightly and began looking through the chunin's things. He smiled when he came across more clothing of Takeda's. He placed the blue mask over his yellow one and did the same for the rest of his suit. When Specter exited Takeda's place he looked just like him, minus the eyes. All he had to do was wait, and avoid eyesight from anyone Takeda would talk to. Back outside the Hokage's office, the real Takeda waited outside for Tategami. He wanted to go in there, but he knew better. He had been out of his seat for quite sometime now. He looked over at Hinta who must have been doing something else while Naruto talked to Tategami. Whether he was excited or just needed someone to talk to, Takeda spoke up.

"Im waiting for Tategami-sensai to finish in there. Im hoping to become a jonin today!"

Back at the shop, Specter's clone took a seat across from Kaneda. It got up and came back with a bowl of noodles. It passed the bowl over to Kaneda, gave a slight nod to him and said nothing. The real Specter began searching for Naruto, he was somewhere in this village. Specter didn't want a fight...not yet, he wanted to find out the truth.
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