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"That doesn't explain why it felt like I was so angry," Greea replied as she shook her head.

"It's this place and the merging of Miako's realm with ours," Andros managed to say as he stood on his feet. His eyes still glowed but he had it under control. "As powers are shifting and rebalancing, a fierce rage takes over though why it affected you is beyond me. It would surely affect my people."

Greea shook her head in disbelief. She didn't understand what Andros was saying but looking at his eyes, she could see that something was not right with this place. "OK. So we have powers out of balance. How will that affect everyone else?"

"Don't know but it will be felt be everyone of Avalonian birth including Andorra," Andros replied. "How they deal with it is up to them but we should help in lowering defenses. I passed a room on my way here. It looked like a control room." He turned to go and motioned for KOmad and Greea to follow.


"Really?" Tiye replied as she stepped forward with Tonatius and Andorra, "Cause it seems like we have you where we want you."

Tonatius said nothing but there was something pounding at his temple. Something was swirling in his mind and he wanted to close his eyes to shut it out but he didn't for that would give the enemy a chance. Finally he burst out loud, his voice sounding warped, "You will put in your place Sith scum!"

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