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Well, if you liken the battle of Malachor V as a Nuclear blast to the Force itself, then his idea makes more sense. A nuclear blast, no matter how small (Hiroshima) or large (NV testing), all have a similar problem, they don't affect a single area. If improperly detonated, the nuclear fallout can have consequences around the entire world, but not directly in comparison to the people at ground zero. With Malachor V, the only people directly affected by the blast were the Jedi that were in orbit or on the planet. I should remind you that these were not Revan's sith supporters, either. By causing so much slaughter and destruction on such a large scale, similar to a nuclear blast, the Jedi within rage died, turned into sith, or cut themselves off from the Force to shield themselves from the shock wave. Unfortunately, just like with nuclear blasts, they are not the only ones affected. All of the non-fighting Jedi still in the known regions would have felt the tremors from the Malachor blast, just like with an earthquake that can also be triggered by a nuclear blast. The tremors would not immediately hurt them until they tried to look into the Force as Vrook was explaining and then get attacked through the Force. As a result, Jedi started to shut themselves down to the Force except during battle. So, this is my best way of helping Lord of Hunger understand Te Mirdala Mand'alor's theory better.

The other Jedi would not have been directly effected, but they were wounded.

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