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Andorra raised Chetyrnadtsat, her mind being overwhelmed with an absolute floodtide of emotion. Part of her wanted to kill, kill until there were no more Sith left standing. The other part, however, realized that if she gave in to that dark and insidious craving, there would be no Jedi left standing, either--not by the time she was through. Tears sprang to her eyes, and the Avalonian maiden closed them tightly. No weakness. Not now.

She suddenly heard a voice inside her mind, calm yet calculating. Would it help her?

This...state you have, this powerful subconscious method of being which you deem 'sublustrum', can provide an immense measure of protection against foes who are skilled in the Force. Be mindful--the further you sink into it, for it has four levels--the more violently you will react to situations, as your heart races and your mind seethes. If you do not temper this state with some sort of calm, then you will die. Keep your eyes closed. This is the first level, when all is red, the one in which you touched Virul. Find your mother's shadow in the crimson tide, and you shall find her form as well.

Andorra shivered as a sudden thought came to her:

By the time we reach Virul, I shall be in the fourth level of 'sublustrum.' I know it--!
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