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Kalla quickly parried Tonatius' sword with her lightsaber, and turned to face him. "Come to your senses! We have a job to do! The Mandalorians can handle Wrath without you, but we can't storm that fortress without you. They're doing their part, and we must do ours." She shouted at him, trying to make him regain his focus. Then, Reyvan sent message out, "All gunships, concentrate your fire on the main gate! If we can't get it open, this whole attack will have been for nothing." He sent on the comm to the ATT pilots. Soon, the gunships began firing their missiles at the gate, slowly blowing it to pieces.

"I think it may have affected you because something like that creates massive shockwaves in the Force, and you're one of the most Force-sensitive Jedi in the galaxy." Komad suggested. As they arrived at the control room, the five Stormtroopers inside immediately raised their blaster rifles at them, and just as quickly Komad activated his lightsabers, and at the moment they opened fire, Komad every single one of their shots back at them. "Gate controls are offline, but everything else seems to be in working order." He commented, looking over the various control panels.

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